Setting up WordPress on AWS

As a part of my move to AWS, I wanted to continue using WordPress for my CMS, as it is so simple to set up and yet highly configurable. Amazon makes this pretty easy using LightSail, and kicking off a bitnami WordPress package. That gets you set up with an Continue reading Setting up WordPress on AWS

Multi-Cloud Service Delivery

As I have been exploring the maturing environment of cloud services, I am regularly struck by the richness of the environments and the dramatic shift to “getting it done” with microservices, versus the legacy thinking of stack based development. There is much to dig into from an interoperability, scaling, global Continue reading Multi-Cloud Service Delivery

Multi-Cloud – End Point Interop

I wrote a previous post about moving back into development (at least on the edges) and part of that is exploring the best play for cloud compute.  One of the articles I came across was this one from the Google Cloud Platform.  Opening Quote from the article:  A multi-cloud strategy Continue reading Multi-Cloud – End Point Interop

Transition to AWS

I wiped out my prior sites and made a move to Amazon Web Services (AWS), consolidating hosting from GoDaddy, custom hosted WordPress, and also the commercial WordPress platform. The shift was surprisingly easy for most of my content and services, though shifting my email fully over is still in progress.  Continue reading Transition to AWS