Conferences and Speaking

I have had the opportunity to speak at a number of conferences across a range of topics over my career, and continue to do so. Additionally, I have put out a selection of papers for discussion, which I welcome collaboration around. This section is used to organize some of these materials and provide a forum to engage around the ideas.

Speaking at the Microsoft PDC

Please feel free to offer your comments and builds on the various topics, and if you have questions, reach out to me. 

Many of these were written a number of years ago, so positions may have shifted and the environment certainly has! It is sometimes informative to look back at past thinking and see how the industry has matured around us and our thinking.

Selected Speaking Engagements

As a business and IT leader I have had a chance to develop some level of expertise across multiple areas with a focus on lab informatics. This is reflected in the variety of topics represented here.

Case Studies

  • Pharmaceutical Company Streamlines Processes with Mobile, Versatile Tablet PC
  • Merck Uses Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework to Integrate with Leading-Edge Vendors and Legacy Systems
  • Merck Optimizes a Reporting System for Clinical Trials
  • Merck Determines Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services Improves Confidentiality of Clinical Trial Information
  • Microsoft / Merck Video Case Study: Office System and Clinical Trials Integration