Creating an Informatics Ecosystem

Creating an Informatics Ecosystem: Promoting a Integrated Lab Programme

This talk was about driving change through structuring the conversation around an ecosystem perspective, as opposed to discrete initiatives. This may seem like a subtle distinction, but is a powerful communication tool and a clear organizing principle. The bullets from the brochure are listed below, and the presentation deck is available here.

  •  How Pfizer tackled the challenges of integrating multiple solutions (LIMS, ELNs, SDMS, CDS) across two business divisions
  • Changing the cultural view of informatics as individual components and promoting the perception of an intra-organisation informatics ecosystem 
  • Streamlining data input and storage by creating data standards across laboratories, departments, your entire company and even external collaborators

Presented while I was the Director, R&D Business Technology, Pfizer Diversified Businesses.


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