An Introduction to Digital Vision Consulting

Digital Vision Consulting came into being as KD Solutions back in the late 1990’s, focused on building web solutions across multiple verticals.

As the principal for KD Solutions, I transitioned into consulting for a regional firm in the Philadelphia area in 1998. From there, I had the opportunity to build skills in a variety of disciplines, leading the internet development but also doing a fair bit of business development and business related consulting. I rebooted KD Solutions as Digital Vision Consulting after leaving that role, partnering with several contacts in the industry to build a virtual team to scale as needed for client projects. This work led me back into the pharma industry, where I led a large scale initiative for Merck Clinical and through that, joined the pharmaceutical industry as a full time employee.

I have been largely in this type of role since that time, but I retain Digital Vision Consulting as an entity, to provide work in between roles and to allow me to follow my passions around industry technologies and partnerships. Read up on my bio or visit me on LinkedIn if you want a closer look.