Developing and Executing on a Lab Informatics Foundation for Global Growth

This presentation follows a theme that threads through most of my work – process is key. The main takeaway points are here:

  • Establish Strong Governance and Use It – Build partnerships
  • Know your Processes: Plan for Process First – not systems.
  • Know your interdependence points – both process and system
  • Plan for Pilots and Evolving Requirements
  • Vendor interdependence is a RISK and must be actively managed.

The Scope of this talk / project was the Research and Labs areas of the Diversified Businesses organization, encompassing Animal Health, Infant Nutritionals and Consumer Health and the general project has been referenced by me in other talks – this large program encompassed a number of key platforms and was a move to consolidate post acquisition of Wyeth, by Pfizer.

The organizing vision for this program was as follows:

A standard global model for product research and development, improving collaboration, insights and support while reducing overall costs, delivered through a Lab Ecosystem supporting the core elements of the Research and Labs activities.

You can view the presentation here and as always, I welcome your comments and collaboration. Please reach out to me using the contact form here.