Juggling the Informatics Needs of Biology and Chemistry Labs

I gave this talk in 2011, at a conference in Barcelona. I was working at Pfizer at the time, leading the R&D IT function for our Diversified Business unit.

This was an interesting challenge for me, as it came from a real world project / program I had led and was actively still leading. In the talk, I had 5 main take away points:

  • Know your objectives before trying to select anything. (End in mind principle) – Rich topic and fraught with danger!
  • Discuss the support for change (Process and otherwise) before starting any ELN effort – or any other Informatics Initiative
  • Know the process, know the supply chain and know where your system fits.
  • Avoid building to the edge case without a clear and compelling business case
  • Integration technology is commoditized at this point. Focus on the top layer for harmonization, focus on clean data at the system level.

There is a lot packed into these, but I tried to give a decent overview of how to apply these points over the course of the talk. You can see the deck I used to anchor the conversation here.

As always, I welcome your feedback and collaboration – this was from a fair time in the past, but I think the principle ideas stand the test of time.


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