Integrating Information Systems

This presentation is from a 2006 talk at an IQPC Laboratory Informatics conference in Philadelphia, PA. 

The talks is really about the fundamentals, with the key takeaway points being:

  • Partner with the clients throughout the entire process.
  • Data and System integration challenges are not unique
  • Industry Standards are a valuable tool when used correctly, and will progress as quickly as market pressure pushes them
  • Failure to pay attention to the process and the user will doom the best technology to failure

Too often, systems integration efforts become about the technical bits of the work, and miss the much larger opportunity, around process and user experience. Regardless of the technical success, too often projects like these referenced fail, often due to poor understanding of process, user perspective and what the real value drivers are. 

The deck is available here, and as always I welcome your comments and collaboration.


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