Welcome to Digital Vision Consulting

Hello and welcome to the site. Digital Vision Consulting is an independently owned and operated entity that has morphed over the years from an active consulting practice to more of a networking and collaboration vehicle for myself (Jim King). The site reflects both the consulting side of my life as well as diverse industry interests.

This site / blog is primarily a platform for networking and general discussion or sharing of resources, notes and ideas across the technology and healthcare industries, with a mix of other general topics and thoughts. I welcome your comments and conversation, and if you are interested in engaging or conference talks, etc. feel free to reach out using the contact page or linked-in. The resources tab contains re-usable materials and reference information that can be shared or re-used with the ask that when pulling materials from there, please retain any source credits reflected in the material. Most of the general content can be found on the blog – which is also searchable from the sidebar.

Please feel free to check out the site, or read some of the more recent posts. Content note for the posts: many of the posts were migrated from my prior blog, hence the common post date.