Multi-Cloud – End Point Interop

I wrote a previous post about moving back into development (at least on the edges) and part of that is exploring the best play for cloud compute.  One of the articles I came across was this one from the Google Cloud Platform

Opening Quote from the article: 

A multi-cloud strategy can help organizations leverage strengths of different cloud providers and spread critical workloads. For example, maybe you have an existing application on AWS but want to use Google’s powerful APIs for VisionCloud Video Intelligence and Data Loss Prevention, or its big data and machine learning capabilities to analyze and derive insights from your data.

While I cannot claim much experience with the Google cloud offering, I can say I am enthused by this idea and approach. This represents so much to me, but one of the most significant is a changing of the guard that the current era of interop represents. I mentioned in prior posts that I started in the technical journey back in the earlier days (let’s leave it at that) and the platform religion was strong. What we see clearly in this article is a recognition that we are now in a world where we have increasing platform independence and are more free to focus on solution, and the best each has to offer – exciting times indeed.



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