Multi-Cloud Service Delivery

As I have been exploring the maturing environment of cloud services, I am regularly struck by the richness of the environments and the dramatic shift to “getting it done” with microservices, versus the legacy thinking of stack based development. There is much to dig into from an interoperability, scaling, global security model and more, but at present, the top three players in the space are offering a broad array of options that are sparking my thinking across a range of options and need spaces. 

  1.  AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  2. AZURE(Microsoft Cloud Services)
  3. Google Cloud Functions

The next level of maturity is an established pattern for integration, that uses global security models to facilitate interop, with a common set of controls that sit on top and are referenced across all platforms and data stacks. Getting to the granular, element level in the data lake, secured by role and user is critical in the emerging privacy world. There is a clear need to have the capability to have a single world view of a person, or a resource across these platforms, abstracting the security model in a scalable way for both development and user engagement. 

I am seeing articles pointing to this general thinking, but still not satisfied with a common “glue” or abstraction layer for these unified visions. I look forward to seeing this emerge, and being a part of that solution to the extent I am able.


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