Pistoia Alliance: Patient Centricity

There is an increasing recognition of the value in patient engagement with respect to healthcare in general, as well as the emerging field of personalized / targeted medicine and digital health. The wearable / therapeutic combination, CAR-T therapies, telehealth and so much more fall into this broad category of patient centricity and experience, as well as the direct marketing side of it.

The Pistoia Alliance has called for life science and healthcare to urgently restructure around patient centricity – read the post from the alliance here.

the pandemic has changed behaviors. Billions of people changed the way they interact with healthcare in a matter of months. In this new era of targeted precision medicine, we all play a role in creating the patient-centric future that patients deserve.”

Cristina Ortega Duran, Chief Digital Health Officer R&D for AstraZeneca

I am excited to see where this leads us as an industry, and how we shift from traditional approaches to include our broad patient populations in developing and delivering medicines and treatments. It will be great to see growing inclusivity across geographic and social boundaries as we increase reach and engagement.


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