Personal Branding – Presentation and Links

I am a believer in personal branding and the value it provides. If you don’t manage the perception of yourself and your value in the industry, it is managed for you, and not always in a flattering manner. Personal branding is about owning that perception and shaping it to reflect the real you – how you want to be seen.

Some time ago, I was asked to give an internal talk on personal branding, as a part of a larger change initiative I was leading in my organization. We are fortunate enough to have access to LinkedIn Learning, which I strongly recommend. Using that as a starting point for references, I then looked beyond that to the public internet and what others had to say on the topic. From that work came the included deck. These materials were based on the great work from others in this space and they are credited in the deck – I encourage you to check out the classes they have provided as well as the websites linked in the materials.

You can download the deck here, but the bulk of the talk is the conversation around the materials. The linked resources and references are a great start for those conversations.


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