TED: Draw Toast! (Creative Problem Solving)

Tom Wujec has a TED talk on creative problem solving using a technique he calls “drawing toast”. The idea is not new, but the packaging and approach is solid and builds on innovation thinking. I posted a video from another TED talk about empowering the team, and ensuring all voices are heard, and this ties in nicely with that thought. I am a fan of process mapping and achieving clarity, as a step toward optimization or evaluation of opportunity, and I will be adding these techniques to my tool box. You can watch the video below, and link to the website Tom has created here.

Drawing the process
Establishing nodes and links – toast making as a foundation for process mapping teaches how to take complex problems and break them into discrete units.
The creative process builds from individuals, to component based to group synthesis, resulting in an optimum systems model
Watching the process progress, it is intriguing to watch the optimal number of process steps shift, as complexity is revealed and then sorted.
Taking these ideas and approaches and applying the thinking to the business at hand is the logical next step.


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