Block Chain – Changing Supply Chain Management?

I have been exploring block chain technologies lately and in parallel, looking at management of a supply chain that is related to health care. The opportunities are significant, and as I have started framing up specifics around this, and sharing with colleagues, I am seeing a mix of reactions – from those who get it, and all that it implies, to those who are a bit overwhelmed at the implications, and also, those who are completely mystified by the whole topic and do not have the vision to see beyond the now. These people find the basics of the supply chain management in healthcare to be overwhelming enough without talking about “what COULD be”.

I plan to take this topic to conference and share more broadly in the coming months / year to see what others are thinking and to explore building an alliance around this topic.

I welcome thoughts on this – please reach out to me with your thoughts if you are interested in collaborating.


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