Working at Pfizer

Through the acquisition of Wyeth by Pfizer, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to take on a new role while also leading our remaining team in landing roles throughout the new Pfizer organization. I had the support of some key leaders in the Pfizer R&D team in landing most of my team, and I was able to take on the global lead role for our ELN platform, bringing the first in Pfizer GLP instance of an ELN over, complimenting the existing non-regulated platform that was in place.

From there, my scope of responsibility changed to include technology leadership for global R&D sites across the United States, Europe and Asia as well as the lead for the Acquisitions, Collaborations and Divestitures work across Pfizer Diversified Business (Non-Pharma) R&D. While in this role, I led the R&D portion of the acquisition of multiple companies and assimilation into the Pfizer family resulting in market growth and geographic expansion for our Consumer Health business.

I led a large combined business and technology team in the global rollouts and change management of our lab platforms, moving onto Electronic Lab Notebooks, replacing our LIMS and upgrading data acquisition and archiving solutions to enterprise systems resulting in a more standardized environment that facilitated our global collaboration and development, in support of our expansion and growth goals for our fast moving Consumer Health business.

After leaving the Research side, I worked with the Global Franchise teams representing our diverse portfolio of brands across the world, as well as our Innovation Alchemy organization, helping us bring innovation and freshness to our business. I was also responsible for our Global Product Portfolio Management organization, focused on tracking and managing our global development projects. My work with the portfolio expanded to include responsibility for our Data Analytics practice, collaborating with the Pfizer enterprise teams to develop and manage our global information and data strategies in Consumer Health R&D.

A number of my former Wyeth colleagues also made the transition to Pfizer, and you will see overlap in recommendations between the two organizations. I am grateful for the extensive investment Pfizer makes in its’ leaders, as I was able to take advantage of a great deal of fantastic training while working in these various roles, as well as the benefits of working with some great people.

What my colleagues have said about my work: