Working at CoreTech

I worked at CoreTech from 1999 to 2000, and while all of my former colleagues from CoreTech have moved on, I am still fortunate to be in contact with many of them.

While at CoreTech, I led multiple teams across several offices in the successful delivery of large projects. Clients ranged from dot com and ecommerce shops to global pharmaceutical clients and state government. I joined CoreTech in the marketing team, but quickly transitioned to the consulting side of the house where I had the opportunity to take on leadership roles. As a Principal consultant reporting to the CTO, my roles spanned all aspects of the consulting practice, from pre-sales support and proposal writing, to project management, architecture, web and application development and distributed team leadership. As a part of this work, I had the opportunity to lead the Internet Practice working with design and application teams to provide holistic solutions to our clients.

The time spent at this company, and on this team was a tremendous learning experience and a valuable introduction to the pharmaceutical industry from a consulting perspective. The recommendations I have been given are a reflection of the great partnership and growth that happened through the roles I held at CoreTech.

What my colleagues have said about my work:

One of the best people I have ever worked with. Jim is an extremely talented technology professional. He has a vast expanse of knowledge encompassing many different technologies. He is also a good and ethical person who is an asset to every organization.

Christopher Exley
Seminary Student at Virginia Theological Seminary

Jim was an outstanding member of the CoreTech team possessing unique combination of excellent technical skills and strong business acumen. He was also a team player that worked well with a wide range of people and personalities while never losing focus on producing the desired outcome. He always demonstrated a strong passion for excellence. I highly recommend him and love the opportunity to work with him again.

Ed Beaumont
Management Consultant and Board Member for Various Companies

Jim is focused, professional and continually learning – all good stuff – but his real secret is a true concern for the best interests of the others he works with and for.

Darwin Sanoy
Senior Cloud Engineering Architect, DevOps Tooling Team Lead

Jim was one of the strongest technical consultants that worked for our firm. He was always able to define the client’s needs and communicate them in a clear, concise way to his team. His flexible and tolerant, but decisive, personality helped him to build some of the strongest client relationships we had.

Jim had all the skills that clients were surprised to get at the time, but expect from consultants now. Today, as business units and IT departments work together to find a solution that fits both their needs, clients demand consultants that have experience on both sides. Jim’s profound technical knowledge combined with his inherent business experience allowed him to illustrate the big picture to the client and provide well-defined solutions. He earned the trust and respect from his many clients by delivering successful results.

Jim has the experience and strategic vision to be a well respected leader in any organization.

Kelly Mingis
IT Resource Manager

Jim was a great member of the consulting team. I was and continue to be impressed with his out of the box thinking and ability to get the job done.

Joseph Cellucci
CEO / Managing Partner
Enable Consulting, LLC

Jim has an excellent combination of technical aptitude and business sense. This allows him to provide technical insights/solutions while remaining focused on the critical strategic and business issues at hand for a given project and/or client–a very welcomed combination in a technically-oriented project lead or manager. I recommend Jim and hope to have occasion to work with him again in the future.

Steve Brown
Connecting Life Science Companies with High-Impact, Difference-Making Talent & Solutions
Founder / Principal

Truly enjoyed working with Jim, as he is a consummate professional and a talented individual. Respected Jim’s ability to see past the technology, cut through the noise, and get to real business results. Jim is very poised in any situation, able to drive toward results and inspire confidence in those who work with him.

Richard P. Gelber
Business Development for world leader in Cloud Solutions

I highly recommend Jim King – he is an asset to any organization. My interaction with Jim at CoreTech was always a pleasure. His initial responsibilities started in marketing, but he quickly took on more responsibility within the company and was promoted to principal consultant. His expertise as a consultant brought in many large accounts for the company – as they valued his ability to strategize, problem solve and get along with others.

Heather Zoumas-Lubeski
Executive Director, Corporate Affairs
Endo International plc