I can’t buy time

I watched a video today. Not a new one, but a powerful excerpt from an interview Charlie Rose did with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two men I respect greatly. Bill was giving his perspective on what he has learned with respect to “filling his calendar” and the need to schedule time to think. Warren Buffett chimes in with his own calendar as an example, which is almost empty. These are arguably two of the most influential American businessmen of our time, and they share the opinion for the need to “think”. This is in direct juxtaposition to our sound bite, always busy society we are moving toward.

I can buy anything I want, basically, but I can’t buy time.

-Warren Buffett

This profound statement from Mr. Buffett bears repeating and personalizing as a reminder in our busy lives!

Are we focused on what matters and are we always cognizant that “TIME MATTERS“?

Not just ours, but every person we interact with.

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